Data Overview

Students will be provided with one year (Jan. 2019 – Jan. 2020) of data for 15 of Essity's largest Tork customers, including airports, amusement parks, and large office buildings.  Customer locations have more than 100 sensors and/or 1000 units.  The data and full documentation will be provided via the Microsoft Teams Essity Workspace.  

  • Sites: Physical or geographical locations where the systems are being used. 
  • Locations: Created on a site. Represent the physical areas such as buildings, floors and rooms.
  • Finished Tasks: Tasks that have been finished by the cleaners using the system. 
  • Plans: Used to indicate when and what should happen when information from the sensors tells the application that something has been done and an action should be taken. 
  • Dispensers: Always placed in a location so that it is possible to correlate the sensor data with a physical location where the cleaners can take action.
  • Vru_Log: Data coming from the people counter sensors. 
  • Scu_Log: Data coming from the dispenser sensors. 

* Sample code to load and join the data will also be provided!